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Hi! I'm Emily Pappas, the owner of Molly Peas. More importantly, I'm the wife to Jon and mother to two little (getting bigger by the day) boys, Jack and Cole. After Cole was born, I left my corporate accounting career and transitioned to full time stay-at-home mom. It was and still is a privilege, but after working for so many years in a corporate setting, part of me felt restless....

So, how did Molly Peas come about? I loved my local children's boutique and was saddened when they closed. My first thought was "where am I going to get their cute shoes now?" After some scrolling and searching Instagram, I stumbled upon this cute shop, Molly Peas. Another stay-at-home mom created Molly Peas - Molly, named after her daughter. Peas, a resemblance to baby toes. Adorable, right?!

Several months later, this mom decided to rejoin the workforce and sell Molly Peas. After a few strange looks from my husband, we decided this would be a fun venture for me. I'm still home with my boys, but I'm also able to switch gears and run a small business. What a dream!

My hope is that you not only find the perfect shoe for your little one with ease but that you come back for smiles and inspiration.

Thanks for being here!

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